Supra Lock Box and ActiveKey Information and Help

  The simplest way to access iBoxes

   ActiveKEY from GE Security simplifies your ability to conduct your real estate business. ActiveKEY is convenient,easy to use, and secure.

  ActiveKEY is more than a just a lockbox key. With instant showing alerts, you will know right away when another  ActiveKEY user has opened one of your keyboxes.

Using an ActiveKEY is simple, convenient, and secure. No cradle, no nightly updates, no waiting for showing alerts. Put an ActiveKEY in your hand and feel the freedom!

  • Rapid delivery of showing details to KIMweb
  • Instant showing alerts on listing agent's key
  • The first key designed for mobile real estate professionals
  • Needs no PC, no phone line
  • Easy-to-read display window and brightly backlit keypad for easy use even in low light
  • Flashlight illuminates dark doorways
  • Reads KeyBoxes at the listed property
  • Display messages from Board/Association/MLS or broker

Supra Products from ARBOR

Supra iBox - Agents may use as many keyboxes as they require without having to purchase a $100 keybox. Do you have 10 listings? At other Boards you have to spend $1000 on lockboxes - at ARBOR - zero investment!! This could become quite costly over a period of time. Lockbox upgrades and malfunction replacements are always free at ARBOR.

How To Get The EKey App On Your Phone

E-Keys for iPhone, Blackberry and Android Phones

E-Keys require a compatible phone. Supra E-Key Apps are installed on your smartphone. You will need to purchase an additional "FOB" or adaptor to connect to your smartphone in order to open the iBoxes. E-Key services are billed quarterly just like the ActiveKey users. There is no free replacements for defective or lost FOBS\Adaptors.

SupraWeb Goes Mobile...SupraWEB Mobile is designed specifically for smartphones.  It works with iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Palm WebOS, Palm OS, and Windows Mobile phones.  The site lets you perform the following common tasks when you are on the go: Get an update , Email a client a showing report , Manage feedback , View showings Click Here for Info

ActiveKEY Videos




Arbor Keybox Transfer Form - Use this form to transfer Arbor lockboxes from one agent to another.

To open an iBox:

  1. Press the Enter button to turn on your ActiveKEY.
  2. On the OBTAIN KEY option press Enter.
  3. Enter your PIN code and press Enter.
  4. Aim the infrared (IR) port on the end of your ActiveKEY directly at the IR lens on the iBox.
  5. After the tones stop your ActiveKEY prompts you to press up on the key container. Press up on the bottom of the iBox to release the key container.

Beaming Tips

  • For best results, the distance between your Key and the iBox should be within 1 foot.
  • In direct sunlight you may need to shade the area between the Key and iBox or place the Key right next to the iBox.
  • Wait for the tones to stop before breaking the connection between your Key and the iBox.

Assign Supra Keybox to your Listing

This option will allow you to assign Supra KeyBox information to a listing. 

To assign a Supra KeyBox, select a listing on the Add/Edit Property List tab, then click Assign KeyBox.  A new window will open and you will be logged into the GE Supra website.  Follow the onscreen instructions.

Note: The Property List tab displays the search results that you generate from the View Menu